The Future





The Misson of the Roger Earl Meier Foundation is to enhance educational training for individuals entering the outside line profession in order to promote safety, reduce (to the extent possible) accidents in the workplace, and continuouly develop and deliver to the outside line industry a competent and safety-conscious workforce.



To assist with funds for local individual students who qualify for grants for their training and needs who enter the nearby Volta Program in Battle Ground Washington in 2017.

To secure resources from individuals, corporations and other foundations which will then be distributed in a manner which will support programs for which federal, state and local funding is inadequate or otherwise not available.

To raise and administer funds to support capital and educational/operational needs in keeping with the intent of donors and the objectives of the Foundation.

Annual fundraising events include a spring golf tournament "The Roger Earl Meier Shootout".


An electrical lineman, commonly referred to as an outside lineman or simply a lineman, is an electrician who is trained to install, maintain and repair the high-power transmission and distribution lines and systems that deliver electric power from the generating source to the end user.




History of the Foundation: The Roger Earl Meier Foundation was organized to encourage and assist future individuals to pursue a career in the line trade.  Roger worked his way up the line trade for 32 years at Clark Public Utilities in Vancouver, Washington.  He was proud to be a lineman and was respected by his coworkers; many who became his best friends.